The Rehabilitation, Inc. team includes a diverse and experienced staff of professionals who ensure that cases are resolved in an efficient and timely manner. We evaluate the patient for the purpose of developing a case resolution plan that will enable the patient to return to work or resume their pre-illness/pre-injury lifestyle. The case manager is in a unique position: they are linked to the client, employer, physician, insurance company/third party administrator, attorney, client's family and other health care providers. We are committed as the liaison between all parties relevant to the case to ensure a positive outcome.


We utilize the Vocational Rehabilitation process to assist disabled or injured persons in returning to gainful employment. Labor Market Surveys are an integrated component in the rehabilitation process. In addition to facilitating individual contact with employers, our Vocational Specialists provide comprehensive labor market surveys based on published federal and state government data adjusted by a detailed review which reflects the vocational opportunities in specific geographical areas.

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